Australia's Premier Periodontics Specialist

  • Implants

    You may have contacted National Periodontics to find out about dental implant treatment, or your general dentist may have referred you for specialist treatment that includes the placing of dental implants.
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  • Periodontics

    Periodontists are dentistry's experts in treating periodontal disease. They receive up to three additional years of specialized training in periodontal disease treatment in both non-surgical treatments and periodontal plastic surgery procedures.
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  • Cleaning & Prevention

    Proper brushing is essential for cleaning teeth and gums effectively. Use a toothbrush with soft, nylon, round ended bristles that will not scratch and irritate teeth or damage gums.
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  • Australia Wide

    Our goal is to provide you with excellent periodontal and implant care in a comfortable, caring and friendly environment. Our head office is located in Kent Town, Adelaide SA with practices in Berri SA, Hervey Bay QLD, Bundaberg QLD and Darwin NT.
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New Technology

The PerioLase MVP-7 is the world's first medical device to incorporate a Samsung® Galaxy tablet display and Android control system and has been recognized by the Pride Institute as a "Best of Class" technology.

PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG laser is specifically designed for the LANAP® protocol. The PerioLase MVP-7 is a powerful 6 watt FR (Free Running) Nd:YAG (Neodymium: Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) laser with the unique features necessary to perform the LANAP® Protocol and all other soft tissue procedures.

Seven operator-selectable pulse durations from 100 to 650 microseconds (Ásec) allow optimum ablation and hemostasis. Its TrueFlex fiberoptic handpiece, with bendable cannula for accessing the distal aspect of molars during LANAP, is unique to the all-inclusive PerioLase Periodontal Package.Learn More