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Coaching: An Applied Positive Psychology

Len completed a masters degree in applied positive psychology and he is both enthusiastic and excited to share this wealth of knowledge with you!

Coaching is ideal for individuals, groups, and organisations who in their day-to-day functioning are not struggling with clinically significant mental health issues or uncommon levels of distress. Coaching is geared toward collaboratively exploring, setting, and achieving your goals. It’s about unlocking potential while developing skills, behaviours, and mindsets that guide you toward your best possible self!

Room For Positive Change provides uniquely tailored, goal oriented, and solution focused coaching. Theoretically grounded and evidence-based techniques are utilised to design and implement real-life interventions that effectively assist you to:

  • Better manage stress,
  • Face challenges, solve problems, and achieve desired results
  • Gain improved insight and self-awareness
  • Shift focus from what’s wrong to what’s strong
  • Understand and develop your character strengths
  • Improve work-life balance
  • Build resilience and well-being
  • Increase happiness, feel more engaged and energised
  • Debrief confidentially around challenging situations

Coaching Packages

Room For Positive Change currently offers 4 distinct coaching packages which will be tailored to your individual circumstances:

  • 1Put Your Character Strengths to Work
  • 2Balancing Work and Play
  • 3Unlock Your Happiness Potential
  • 4Enhance Performance and Satisfaction
  • Coaching packages include:
  • Four 60-minute meetings,
  • At least four personalised email follow-ups,
  • A compilation of associated assessment, activities, and your progress summary.

Coaching packages require an investment of $850.

Coaching: Non-Package Option

Whether a once-off meeting or on an ongoing basis, individual coaching sessions of 60-minute duration are available. Use the online enquiry form to begin exploring how Room For Positive Change can assist you to achieve your goals and unlock your potential.

All provided services adhere to the highest levels of professional integrity and practice as reflected in the APS Code of Ethics and Ethical Guidelines.