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At Room For Positive Change you will discover a professional, comfortable, and non-judgmental atmosphere within which you and your goals for positive change are paramount. Evidence-based strategies are shared in a way that allows you the environment to collaboratively discover and unlock your potential. Remember, there’s always Room For Positive Change!

  • Are you feeling:

  • anxious,
  • stressed-out,
  • confused,
  • unhappy?
  • Are you looking for strategies to:

  • reduce stress,
  • better manage anxiety,
  • improve work/life balance,
  • increase productivity,
  • clarify your life’s direction,
  • be more engaged, energised, and happy?
  • Are you interested in:

  • the evolving science of positive psychology,
  • uncovering and learning how to cultivate your character strengths,
  • living a happier and more meaningful life?

If you answered yes then
explore further. . .

If you answered yes then
explore further. . .


Evidence-based coaching is ideal for individuals, groups, and organisations who in their day-to-day functioning are not struggling with significant mental health issues or uncommon levels of distress. Coaching is geared toward collaboratively exploring, setting, and achieving your personal and employment goals. Corporate packages available.

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Clinical psychology services are provided for adults who are struggling with anxiety and specific anxiety disorders. Advanced training and extensive experience in effective evidence-based treatments are utilised to achieve your goals and assist with improved management of anxiety and associated issues.

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To compliment team building, staff training, or personal development, various workshops and information sessions are presented to appreciative audiences. Aimed at gaining a deeper and improved understanding of specific topic areas, explore the potential of a workshop opportunity for breakthrough experiences triggering positive change.

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