Understand your customers with data

Services & products that bring the power of customer data to your organisation.

Understanding customers is difficult

With our insights you can…

We provide insights about your users from their banking data

We take raw bank data and provide rich consumer insight

Understand customer needs

Profiles 360 TM

Understand consumer needs, preferences and analyse how they evolve over time with access to 24 months of historic and ongoing customer insights based on income and spending data.

  • Increase revenues with increased insight

    Understand what products and brands different segments of consumers will need, when they will need them and the price they will pay

  • Improve marketing and segmentation accuracy

    Take the guesswork out of your market research through a 56% increase in the accuracy of your customer data versus survey activity

  • Stay connected to your customers

    60% data consent rates versus 2% account cancellation rates mean you can stay connected to your consumers as their needs evolve

Understand customer finances

Affordability Checker TM

Check the affordability and credit-worthiness of potential customers and data-subjects in an instant.

  • Income Check

    Understand their income, regular expenses and disposable income and uncover trends using up to 24 months of historic data

  • Bounced Payments Check

    Understand the consistency of their payments, bounced payments and repeated policy cancellations

  • Debt Check

    Understand what their overall financial situation is including the presence of long term debt, short term loans and overdrafts

Confirm customer identity

Identity Now TM

Reduce fraud by verifying customer information against the personal information that has already been validated by their bank, within a few seconds

  • Name & Address Verification

    Verify that the data-subject has given you the correct name and address information as verified by their bank

  • Bank Account Verification

    Verify that the data-subject’s bank account and sort-code are correct to prevent any mistakes or intentional misinformation

  • Age Verification

    Verify that the data-subject’s date of birth and age are correct to prevent any mistakes or intentional misinformation